Wink’d, Round One

Well hello there.

Welcome to the Wink’d blog. We’ll be writing about everything from how to create chemistry at first contact to how to have that successful first date.  We understand that romance can be a bit complicated. But it can also have fun, adventurous, sensual, and even a little naughty.

So sit back and enjoy. Click the ‘Subscription’ link to the left if you’d like to be notified via email each time we post something new.

Until then, why not check out Wink’d online… It’s playful and romantic, just like us.


About Wink'd

Wink'd is a fun, savvy social card that lets you make new connections with strangers, future dates, future flings, future partners or even simply future friends. The social cards can be anything from cute and flirty to sexy and mysterious to just plain funny. You can give them to anyone, anywhere, at any time - and they can make a connection back to you using your very own exclusive Wink'd written code and scanning code which links them directly to your Wink'd online profile and allows them to send you an anonymous message if they so choose. It's that simple: just Wink at someone by handing them a card and let them connect with you online!
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