The Art of Wink’ing

So you’ve finally figured out what Wink’d is.  It’s a fun, savvy social card that lets you make new connections with strangers you want to meet but want to find another way to approach.  (You can find out more by checking out!)

Sample Wink'd Cards

You can now order your own deck of Wink’d cards through the website, and to help you get started on using them, here are 6 tips to get you Wink’ing!

  1. Look around you. In any given day, chances are that you’ll come across someone who you’re attracted to.  But it means taking a moment to stop listening to your iPod in the tube, or looking up from the ground as you’re walking down the street – and paying attention to the people that pass you by.  You live in a city of nearly 8 million people!  Take some time to look around you and you’ll be surprised by who you’ll notice.
  2. Get a first impression. Find someone you’re intrigued by?  Take a few seconds to get a first impression.  Does that person come off as quiet and thoughtful?  Or confident and outgoing?  Does that person seem like someone who’d enjoy a good laugh, or a bit of a tease – or perhaps someone who appreciates total boldness?
  3. Decide on your own first impression. On the other hand, what kind of first impression do you want to make?  Do you want to come off as playful, or mysterious, or someone who is totally confident and not afraid to (sorry for the pun!) put all your cards on the table?  We have Wink’d cards with messages that can make any kind of first impression that you want to make.
  4. Tailor your Winks to your surroundings. At a restaurant?  “I have a reservation for 2 for Friday under your name.”  In the gym?  “Let’s warm up together.”  At a bar?  “I hope you don’t mind being carded.” Of course, there are plenty of different cards that you can drop off everywhere, but these are just some tailored ideas for specific places where you might be passing by!
  5. Wink with confidence. Whatever Wink you eventually decide to go with, drop it off with confidence.  So, no, don’t throw the card at the other person and immediately run away.  There’s no need to feel awkward at all.  After all, your Wink’d card is doing all the talking for you.
  6. Have fun! Last but not least – wherever you are, whoever it is that you want to connect with, and whatever first impression you want to make, don’t overthink things or take yourself too seriously, and just have fun with your Wink’d cards! It’s all about making connections with people you want to meet in a fun, novel way.

So, start dropping off those cards and stop missing out on those connections!



About Wink'd

Wink'd is a fun, savvy social card that lets you make new connections with strangers, future dates, future flings, future partners or even simply future friends. The social cards can be anything from cute and flirty to sexy and mysterious to just plain funny. You can give them to anyone, anywhere, at any time - and they can make a connection back to you using your very own exclusive Wink'd written code and scanning code which links them directly to your Wink'd online profile and allows them to send you an anonymous message if they so choose. It's that simple: just Wink at someone by handing them a card and let them connect with you online!
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