The Lies People Tell for Love

It’s no surprise that at Wink’d, we like romance.

We are all about romance.

Sample Wink'd Card

But what about the lies we tell for romance? Recently we at Wink’d read an interesting article: ‘The lies people tell in Online Dating’.

Apparently, people lie about their height. Guys and girls both claim to be two inches taller than they actually are.

People lie about their income. Folks are 20% poorer than they claim to be.

As for photos? You’ve probably guessed this, but the more attractive the image, the older/more out-of-date it most likely is.

To summarize, people say they’re taller, wealthier, younger and more attractive, all through the great mystery that is the World Wide Web.

This isn’t just something people do online. Personally, we can think of a number of times people have twisted the truth to impress someone of the opposite sex.

Take one girl we know. She plays sports. But she doesn’t like watching sports. She doesn’t even understand the rules in football, both American and non-American types.

But she once told a guy that she loved, loved watching sports. He was tall and gorgeous and athletically charming.

Only then he wanted to watch sports with her. All. The. Time.

Lies and romance don’t really go together. Whether on or offline, the moment of truth must eventually come. When it comes to online dating, this often happens at the first meeting. You arrive and find out that Miss Right is a slight bit different than her photo suggested, or that Mr. Tall and Fit is really Mr. SuitedForJockeying. Neither is bad (jockeys? nice!), but both are different from what you may have been led to believe. When offline, the romance happens as you get to know each other better. Initial fibs disintegrate. The truth comes out.

That girl we know could only watch so many episodes of basketball before she hung her head in her hand with shame and admitted that she, indeed, had no idea who the Red Sox were and can’t they change the channel now?

At Wink’d, we’re trying to make it easier for you to be who you are – and to find someone who likes you for exactly that very thing.

Let’s consider some of the issues related directly to online dating: the temptation to describe your physical self in a taller/younger/fitter light, the mistrust of how others describe themselves… How do you know that the woman or man at the other end of the screen is truly who they say they are? More importantly, how do you know you’ll connect?

With Wink’d, you don’t go online and then meet someone. You meet them first – at a cafe, or in a bar, or going up the elevator. Your eyes catch and a spark tingles, an initial attraction that makes you catch your breath.

See? Romance.

That’s when the card is traded off, and –then– the online stuff happens. Not before.  And at Wink’d, we bring this online stuff directly to you wherever you are, whenever you are, with our mobile features.

This way, we love-searchers can get the romance without the lies… the prince, sans frog. And this way we’ll find someone who loves us for who we are, not who we claim to be.

For that girl, this means finding someone that’s fine with the fact she’d rather wander the countryside than watch another football match. For you, it might mean finding a guy who likes your petite frame, or a gal who enjoys your tendency to laugh loudly and frequently.

How about you? What is the funniest, most unexpected, most delightful or most awful lie you’ve experienced romantically, whether you were the one telling it, or the one receiving it? Let us know in the comments below.


About Wink'd

Wink'd is a fun, savvy social card that lets you make new connections with strangers, future dates, future flings, future partners or even simply future friends. The social cards can be anything from cute and flirty to sexy and mysterious to just plain funny. You can give them to anyone, anywhere, at any time - and they can make a connection back to you using your very own exclusive Wink'd written code and scanning code which links them directly to your Wink'd online profile and allows them to send you an anonymous message if they so choose. It's that simple: just Wink at someone by handing them a card and let them connect with you online!
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