Beer, Wine, Milk? The Perfect First Date Drink.

“I hate it when a girl orders beer on a first date.” We were at lunch, and one Wink’d friend said this to another, frowning into his plate of mushy peas.


“I think it’s laddish.”

Wink'd Launch Party at Valmont Club


“What?” Exclaimed another friend, a girl, looking up with a laugh and a scowl. “That is sexist. That doesn’t make sense.”


“You wouldn’t like it if I ordered a strawberry daiquiri,” the man responded. “Isn’t that right?”


All this talk of first date drinks got us here at Wink’d wondering: What are the rules for drinking on dates? Not the ‘don’t-drink-too-much, keep-your-head’ rules, but the ‘this-will-make-me-appear-in-an-unpleasant-light rules.’


Like it or not, people judge. Wink’d could sit back and tell you that those who care don’t matter, (because really, it is just a drink after all), but we want to increase your chances of dating success, According to the folks at Dumb Little Man, drinks are the most common type of date these days. Dinner is so 1999. Wink’d doesn’t want romance to end at step one because of a frothy pint or sticky margarita.


So Wink’d went investigating.


Here’s what we found.


Women, don’t order a pint. In a very official poll of 11 men, all but one found ordering a pint to be unattractive. It was termed as ‘laddish,’ ‘deliberate,’ ‘over-thought’ or simply ‘unfeminine.’


“What if I like beer?” Demanded one Wink’d friend, a very dainty lil lady herself.


“Save it for later. For once I know you.”


Apparently we’re not the only one to have found this. Google First Date. Google Drinks. You’ll find dozens of posts about the No-Beer-First-Date rule. Or just take our word for it.


Men, don’t order sugar. Through an equally as official poll of various women, a theme emerged: beer was fine, hard liquors just lovely, but sugary, frilly, ruffly drinks?


“There’s nothing sexy about a man ordering a Cosmopolitan.”


So put down that daiquiri, Mister. They’re best saved for open-air hot beach holidays.


No one should order milk on a first date. Ever. We love milk. We love dunking cookies in milk. But romance, at least first date romance, brooks no room for milk.


“I don’t want to see a girl with a milk moustache,” said Wink’d friend. Not even during Movember/No-shave-November.


So what SHOULD you order? Wine. Wine wine wine. Let’s say this again. Wine.


Without fail, wine seems to be the universally accepted date drink. It’s sexy and sophisticated, casual and romantic, intriguingly coloured and good for conversation. You can swirl it, sniff it, hold the rim of the glass to your lips while making eyes at your date. You can pick a bottle and not look foolish, or ask the waiter to pick you a bottle and equally shine with confidence.


White wine, red wine, just wine.


Other Date Contenders: The verdict was out on hard liquor. Wink’d study participants seemed torn.


“It could be quite hot if a girl knew about different whiskeys or such,” said one friend. “Really hot.”


“Or it could mean the guy wants to get really drunk, really fast,” argued a Wink’d ladyfriend. “And how does that bode for the date?”


Good question.


So now we bring it to you: What do you think? What drinks do YOU order on the first date? Tell us. We’re curious.


Now excuse us while we go drink some milk.


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