Men and Women – Equal Until They’re Not

Wink’d wants to talk about two things today: unequal dating and ugly bodies.

Good, non-grotesque men? Absolutely. Wink'd Launch Party

According to an article Wink’d read this week, men are angry. Very, very angry. Men go through the first quarter of their lives being told that equality is the name of the game. Women share in all things: the gym, schooling, career opportunities.

Go women’s rights.

Only, the article continued, equality stops when there’s dating.

Women want to be treated like princesses. They don’t want to equally split the bill; they want men to pay. Men should approach. Men should initiate. As a result, men are confused, angry, frustrated. They are reverting into eternal bachelors and angry singles.

Over at Good Men Project, the divide between men and women was approached in a slightly different way. Why is it, they ask, that the bodies of women are portrayed as beautiful things, whereas the bodies of men are seen as ugly? Why this divide? Why is one delicate and soft and the other grotesque and frightening? This difference results in all sorts of complex emotions, including – as the Good Men most reasonably note – a feeling of physical inferiority by men.

Great. So now men are single. Angry. And lacking body confidence.

Only… Wink’d knows quite a lot of happy singles, men and women both. There are folks that celebrate being bachelors, that enjoy the art of dating and flirting, that want to mix and mingle in a playful fashion. Some of these singles are searching, certainly, for Miss/Mister Right – but the search is fun, not bitter.

To test the theory of angry men, Wink’d hunted down friends and accosted them with questions of dating.

“Why are you so ANGRY?” We demanded of a tall blonde Swede who does mixed martial arts in his spare time. “Do you want us to tell you? You’re angry because women want you to pick up the bill.”

“…I’m not angry.”

“It doesn’t bother you that women want you to pick up the bill?”

“No,” he responded, grinning. “I like it. You get to be a gentleman and do something nice for her, show her she’s special.”

“Then you feel ugly because the female form is widely accepted as beautiful,” we argued.

“Women are beautiful. Doesn’t mean I feel grotesque.”

Another friend pointed to classic art. Look at statues. Look at paintings. Heck, look at the number of nipples and nakedness in London like the Londonist recently did (115 female to 143 male, if you’re curious). The male body is beautiful in its own strong way, a way of sharp lines and deep curves, powerful arches, strength.

So what do you think?

Are you angry? Does the ‘men pick up the tab’ thing bother you? Do you find the male body beautiful? Do you feel attractive?

Let us know. We’re curious.




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One Response to Men and Women – Equal Until They’re Not

  1. Camilla says:

    Well, I for one find men very beautiful! And who says that the age of classic statues are foregone? All you need to do is go down to Australia for a couple of days to know exactly what I’m talking about. 😉

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