Quirky Dates – Let’s Get Unusual

Dates. We’ve all done movies. Dinner. Drinks. Dinner with drinks. Movies with drinks. And did we mention drinks?

But that’s a bit… well… usual. A bit unexpected. Here at Wink’d, we like to keep things a little saucier and more entertaining. We want our breath to be taken away – or at least to be caught for a moment in surprise, wonder, fascination, excitement.

We want something kind of quirky and a whole lot of unique.The lovely lady over at Love and the Single Girl recently blogged about some of her favourite unique dates. Now we figure it’s our turn:

  • Take a Cabby’s Advice: They usually know where the best scenic spots are. In London, there’s this bridge over a stretch of water, where the sun setting will catch the river just so. “I’ve ridden ten different rickshaws,” said one Wink’d friend, “where the drivers all stopped at that point and said ‘Ahhhh.. This is the most romantic place. I always bring my date/wife here.’ So I brought my date there once, an Italian. And it was perfect.”
  • Get Outdoors: It’s spring. The weather is (finally) getting nicer. There is sometimes sun and sometimes less rain. In various parts of the world, fireflies are poking their heads out and flowers are springing up. Bunnies mate everywhere. What could be more romantic? So why not visit one of the neighbouring parks? Go out for a stroll. It’s simple. Inexpensive. And just absolutely lovely.
  • Organize a Surprise Picnic: This might require a bit of cooking, but it might not. Just pack some bread together with soft cheese, olives, grapes, a bottle of something light and fizzy, and a blanket. You can even pair this with number two (Get Outdoors). Your date will be charmed by the effort even as the weather and scenic bouncing bunnies make everything happier. Besides, who doesn’t love crusty bread, fresh air and afternoon drinking?
  • Artsy Smartsy – Gallery Hopping: Odds are your city, whether big or small, has several art galleries. If you’re in London, check out the appropriately themed Cult of Beauty at the V&A. Or if you’re feeling more scandelous, go learn about animal mating at the Natural History Museum. We heard this exhibit’s adverts were so saucy they had to be removed from the tube. OR go visit the new Michael Jackson statue in Fulham (…). What’s perfect here is that any awkward silences and pauses can be filled by reflecting on something pretty or weird. You can wander, explore and giggle.

Good dates mean you’ll have fun. It means your date won’t try to filter you out next round.

So what do you think? What are some of your favourite ‘more unique’ dates? Let us know in the comments below.



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2 Responses to Quirky Dates – Let’s Get Unusual

  1. The Single Girl says:

    That surprise picnic sounds SO good. Thanks for the shout-out guys, I love your blog!

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