Three Things to Eat and Three to Avoid on a First Date

Hello darlings! Wink’d knows that sometimes, first dates can be a bit challenging.


He must have ordered garlic with a side of onion.


Previously we’ve talked about drinks to order on the first date. But what about mains? This is, after all, the course that you will spend the majority of the time-consuming during your date. It has to last you through engaging banter, keep you going during intriguing revelations of secrets, satisfy your hunger, and not disgust the other person sharing your table.

So what’s the scoop?

Wink’d has surveyed friends, strangers, stomachs and hearts, and here are the top three foods to eat on a first date, and the three to avoid.

Good Date Dishes

  • Risotto: It’s rich. It’s creamy. It has all the delicate subtle flavours you could want in a meal, and it fits on a fork in a convenient fashion. People don’t look messy when eating risotto. This is something you’re sure to find on most menus. Another benefit? It’s easily vegetarian, meaning you can order it when out and about with that meat-avoiding guy or gal without making a big production.
  • Thai Food: Yeah, we know this is an entire category of food, and not a single dish, but we couldn’t help ourselves. Think about thai food: It’s flavourful. It’s fresh, scented with lime, coriander, lemon grass and delicate herbs. It’s easily sharable, meaning you and your date can enjoy mutual discovery of a semi-foreign cuisine. So why not order some spring rolls (the non-fried kind taste so much better) and some Pho? Make it for two.
  • Picnic-Style niblets: You’ve got little sandwiches without strong smells but still lots of taste, hummous and vegetables, warm dips, soft breads, rich cheeses, glistening grapes, delicately chopped fruits… the entire layout itself sounds sensual. It’s all very tangible, something you can eat in single bites and share between two. Even better, common picnic foods like avocado, cherries and pineapples have been said to act as stimulants. Things can get spicy while your breath remains safe. What’s not to like? So crack open a bottle of wine between two, roll out a picnic mat and enjoy yourself a nice romantic afternoon.

Bad Date Dishes

  • Anything with lots of little bones: Like, say, one of those dangerous fish that you could choke on. Or pigeon. A Wink’d friend once mistakenly ordered pigeon. “I tried to delicately cut it. But then a bone popped and some of the liquid inside flew across the table. It got my date.” Want to know what’s not sexy? Pigeon bone fluid.
  • Something that reads ‘Onion,’ ‘Fragrant,’ or ‘Going to make your breath smell like the fiery side of India’: If you want any chance of that goodnight kiss or three, avoid those potently smelling dishes. We all love a good onion chutney or a spicy dab of garlic, but it’s not so enjoyable when you’re close enough to share in each other’s breaths. Save it for the second date.
  • Spaghetti with long noodles: How do you manage to eat this gracefully? Food flops everywhere. Noodles flop everywhere. Sauce comes off the noodle and onto your shirt, or your date’s shirt (like pigeon fluid, see above), or onto the table and the couple next to you. Avoid the double-barrelled challenge of fork/knife/spoon/messy food, and stick with something a little easier to consume.

Wink’d knows that a food choice isn’t going to make or break the first date… but it can help edge things towards romantic or back into the ‘JustFriendsYouJustGotMeWithPigeon’ zone. So choose wisely.

What are your suggestions?




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One Response to Three Things to Eat and Three to Avoid on a First Date

  1. Catherine says:

    Chicken wings are the WORST date food! Delicious, yes, but impossible to eat with dignity. Great list 🙂

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