Are you fun, adventurous and searching for love?

Yes? Us too. That’s what Wink’d is all about.

But we don’t want to use just a random online dating site. Here at Wink’d, we believe in immediate attraction and connection. Sometimes you lock eyes with a girl across the room, or glance at a man while in the elevator, and there’s a thrill, a tingle, that “initial spark” that hints at something more.

We’re big fans of that.

Wink’d allows you to move beyond that initial connection and into something more. Our service provides crisp ruby cards with intriguing phrases to capture the imagination of your intended. Each card links to your online profile.

This way, next time you bump into someone but don’t have time to talk, you’ll be prepared. Hand over a Wink’d card. The curious man or woman can then pop online and learn all about you. And from there? Romance. Dates. Adventure.

Think of it as the modern day cocktail napkin.

Check out Wink’d online and start your search today.

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