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Wink’d Weekly Wonders – Top 8 things this week

The guys over at Good Men Project do this great post titled ’10 at 10‘ where they list (you guessed it) the top ten things they read/saw/heard/witnessed that week. We at Wink’d have been inspired. So here we go… Fun … Continue reading

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Men and Women – Equal Until They’re Not

Wink’d wants to talk about two things today: unequal dating and ugly bodies. According to an article Wink’d read this week, men are angry. Very, very angry. Men go through the first quarter of their lives being told that equality … Continue reading

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What creates attraction?

The Mystery of Attraction One Wink’d friend spent a summer at a yoga retreat in India. Every morning she would tuck into the quiet meditation of a yoga room. Fifteen other students were there with her. One of them was … Continue reading

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The Lies People Tell for Love

It’s no surprise that at Wink’d, we like romance. We are all about romance. But what about the lies we tell for romance? Recently we at Wink’d read an interesting article: ‘The lies people tell in Online Dating’. Apparently, people … Continue reading

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The Art of Wink’ing

So you’ve finally figured out what Wink’d is.  It’s a fun, savvy social card that lets you make new connections with strangers you want to meet but want to find another way to approach.  (You can find out more by … Continue reading

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Wink’d, Round One

Well hello there. Welcome to the Wink’d blog. We’ll be writing about everything from how to create chemistry at first contact to how to have that successful first date.  We understand that romance can be a bit complicated. But it … Continue reading

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